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Compact graphic design tool PaintTool SAI is clear graphic design software that is powerful yet lightweight. It gives you access to simple vector tools and works with touch devices that let you draw with a digital pen. Digital artists can use a variety of artistic tools included in the program to create illustrations, including cartoons and anime. SAI is a stand-alone program with features that allow users to create digitally. SAI is a popular product in online artist communities, including DeviantArt. One of the reasons it has gained so many fans is because it has full digital support. Works on Windows, tablets and mobile devices. Anyone who wants to be expressive with their digital pen can be creative with this program. How it works and the different tools to choose from is simple, so the learning curve is fun instead ((function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}). The color choices are excellent which means that if you do it you can imagine, you can create it. You can change the appearance of a color by adjusting the saturation. You can also change the luminescence. Different effects are achieved by using different brushes when painting, including airbrush, watercolor and pencil. You can adjust the pressure of the brush to react differently to your touch Creativity In addition to the basic tools for adding color, SAI has capabilities for adding and editing layers and selecting areas of your artwork, delete a layer, move it to another part of the drawing or lock the layers together.There is an erase tool that can change the properties different brush takes over. It’s helpful to add the finishing touches before saving the part as you can soften any hard edges.The user interface of this painting tool is easy to navigate so it won’t take time to find the tools and features you need. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of features. The main focus is on creating new works of art. Hence, it is not appropriate if you are looking for a tool that will allow you to take advantage of photo editing features as well. There are also restrictions on what you can add to your canvas. SAI works well for creating textures and colors, but does not include adding text or gradients. After all, this is a compact and lightweight program. It also lacks the ability to print directly from the app, although you can export your work to PSD or BMP files. Try It For Yourself Fortunately, you can find out if PaintTool SAI has the right features for you. A free trial version of the 31-day program is available which gives you access to all functions. You can then get a SAI license with a one-time purchase. If your focus is on drawing and painting, this program has a lot going for it. The canvases are customizable and you can keep your color palette with your mixed colors so you can pick up where you left off. PaintTool also offers anti-aliasing, theMinimizes distortion and jagged edges in your digital images. Arty Alternative Painttool SAI has some great drawing and painting tools, but it is not the only software available. If you are not getting on well with the product or are looking for more advanced features, here are some other graphic design options. For free access to powerful software, artists can experiment with Krita’s drawing tools. This is an open source illustration tool. You can customize the workspace to suit your needs and explore a variety of brushes and textures, including packaging from other artists. The level of detail and quality that you can achieve is remarkable. A popular raster-based graphic design program is Corel Painter. It’s ideal for those just starting out with digital art, as well as seasoned amateurs and professionals. The latest version starts with a clear and user-friendly interface that still offers many useful features and functions. Like the SAI, it offers a smooth painting experience and minimal delay. Many artists require all of the features and therefore choose the industry standard Adobe Illustrator program. As for drawing vectors, you can get a professional design using this application. It includes many types of brushes, gradients, filters, and special effects that can be applied to achieve the final product you want. Other alternatives worth mentioning are GIMP and the smooth and enjoyable experience that PaintTool SAI gives amateur and professional artists enough functionality to create digital works of art. Its appeal lies in the fact that it takes up little space, is easy to learn, and is quick and smooth with no lag. It is aimed at those who want to draw and paint instead of editing photos or making collages. The latest version of SAI added features and fixed some bugs. Fixed issues with the lasso tool, opening PSD files, and converting symmetric shapes. A symmetrical ruler has been added to make it easier for users to achieve symmetrical lines and shapes.

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