Mosul 2019 sugar pop tpb Free Download Torrent


Mosul 2019

Mosul 2019 sugar pop tpb Free Download Torrent

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Mosul 2019

The Mosul police unit is fighting to liberate the Iraqi city from thousands of ISIS fighters.
Matthew Michael Carnahan Author:
Matthew Michael Carnahan Stars:
Valeed Elgadi, Haiat Kamille, Thaer Al-Shaiei | In 2014-2017, ISIS occupied the Iraqi city of Mosul. During those years, the only group of occupiers who constantly fought was the SVAT unit in Nineveh province, which consisted of local men whose ISIS had either injured or killed a family member. Mosul Carnahan is a shocking honor to fighters whose motives were very personal. Coffee (Adam Bessa), a 21-year-old police officer, barely survived a firefighter. When the smoke goes out, he meets the people who saved his life in the NIVE SWAT, led by Jasem (Suhail Dabbach). ISIS recently killed Kawai’s uncle. He joins the group, although their number has been reduced to just a dozen people with three surpluses of Humvees and cigarettes. Before the end of the first day with the Nineveh SWAT, Kava witnesses the rescue of a child and the death of several colleagues, takes revenge on the betrayed man and participates in the ambush of the ISIS base. Carnahan throws us in the middle of a city war, but it also allows …

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