Joker 2019.720p uTorrent Full Movie Torrent


Joker 2019.720p

Joker 2019.720p uTorrent Full Movie Torrent

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Joker 2019.720p

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and yes, we’re back !!!

In Gotham City, the mentally ill comedian Arthur Fleck is ignored and humiliated by society. He then launches a coup d’état and a bloody crime. This method brings him face to face with his conversion: Joker.
Todd Phillips Authors:
Todd Phillips, Scott Argent | Arthur Fleck works as a comedian and is a stand-up comedian. He has mental health issues, part of which involves uncontrolled laughter. Times are tough, and because of the difficulty with his job, Arthur is going through a much worse time than most. Over time, these issues overwhelm him, and shape his actions, eventually leading to the adoption of a more recognizable character.

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