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Zoom Meetings FULL Download

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Zoom Meetings

Free VoIP software and instant messaging Zoom is a social media application that provides video calls and instant messaging to large groups of people. Instant messaging and VoIP software were developed by Zoom Video Communications for students, company employees and employers for a video conference. Each meeting can bring together more than 50 users, 49 of whom will be shown at the same time; Je! Zoom is VoIP? Zoom has a clear interface that all users can understand. If you need to meet your colleagues or connect with loved ones, Zoom lets you hear and see them on high-end VoIP service. The Zoom desktop application opens with a user dashboard, which gives you access to five tabs: Home, Chat, Phone, Meetings, and ((” app-app-page-workspace ‘;} By default, panel The User tab displays the Home tab, which is because it has the basic functions of a video conference, which are: New selection, joining, scheduling, and screen sharing. only when you enter an appointment, a new window will appear. Meeting controls will be displayed at the bottom of the window, while the video channel other phones will be displayed above. In the middle of the window is installed by the user, which Zoom finds talking Back button by clicking the Mute button on the conference control bar.These features are different from those on the Phone tab.Instead of VoIP, Zoom Phone lets you make calls to another user using the Add ID. It also lets you leave voice messages and view the phone history of your Zoom accounts. You can save tags in the Address tab. Sorted by character by default. To access your most important contacts, mark them as a star or automatically reply. Note that Zoom will automatically answer dialed calls from the answer address automatically. You can use Zoom as a universal tool for office and production. In addition to the VoIP service, it allows you to share screenshots. You can also send files to people in your contact list. While you can use the chat feature to send a file to your colleagues, you can also submit it using the screen sharing feature. For example, you have a basic topic. You can open the presentation on your desktop and click the Share Screen button. This allows chat participants to view files while listening to you; A professional and personalized VoIP tool Although it targets traders and professionals, Zoom is a great app that you can try with friends and family if you are the type who uses bright video calls. This is an app suitable for all users who need to coordinate or connect with a large number of users. With video conferencing and collaborative services, you can keep up with the development of a variety of group activities, such as classroom projects, webinars, and business meetings.

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