YouTube Movie Maker Platinum 18 update 32/64 Bit Torrent Download


YouTube Movie Maker Platinum 18

YouTube Movie Maker Platinum 18 update 32/64 Bit Torrent Download

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YouTube Movie Maker Platinum 18

YouTube Movie Maker Platinum offers three main features; Easily create outstanding 2D / 3D videos from various video formats, photos, music, words, text, and more. Easily create and upload videos on YouTube without worrying about formatting, profiles and more. Videos uploaded to YouTube are easily managed and promoted, and get more views on YouTube. Main feature:

Create and edit 2D / 3D movies

Use any photo and video format to share with millions of YouTube viewers to create fun 2D or 3D YouTube movies. Maybe you are a YouTuber or the next famous social media star.

Add text, title, credit and logo

Who are you? You can personalize your video or film with subtitles, titles and credits using your logo while maintaining your copyright. What is your role in production? It’s easy to add subtitles, credits and descriptions to your film and let the world know exactly who you are and what you can do.

Add transitions, particles, masks and special effects

Turn your film into a polished film with special effects, particles, extraordinary light and shadow effects, and scenes that look professional.

Add movement effects

Have you ever imagined videos, photos and moving text on the screen? It’s really cool, and YouTube Movie Maker makes it easy to add motion effects to videos, photos, text, words, captions, and more. The simple interface makes it easy to produce interesting animated films on YouTube.

Combine several videos, photos in pictures

(PIP effect)

Combine many videos on the same screen (PIP effect, video video, photo in a photo). It’s easy to adjust the size and location of each video, or add special effects and animations, and more. For example, you can easily combine face camera videos with video games. Without delay, high quality.

Add / mix multiple sounds

Sound, music, sound, sound

Choose the atmosphere of your film by offering a soundtrack. It’s easy to add / mix various audio, music, instrument sounds or use your own voice to depict film scenes. The story is effective and easy to add.

Chroma Video Lock

Green screen

Video Chroma Key is often referred to as a green screen because we usually use a green screen to erase and replace the entire video background. The color to delete is known as “Color Range or Key Color.”

Lyrical video maker

Lyric Video Maker

Karaoke video maker

As the creator of the best karaoke videos and lyrics, you can make 2D or 3D karaoke or great video lyrics for popular songs with cool movements and special effects. This is an easy way to get a lot of views on YouTube.

Handwritten lyrics

Digitally create exclusive Lyrics videos on your screen with your handwriting. You are special, no one can replace you.

Graffiti drawing

Graffiti is a personal expressive way to show your work or thoughts. Drawing digital graffiti with YouTube Movie Maker provides a unique look and style that they can transfer easily to videos.

3D group effect

Create multiple video clips or images in groups and add interesting effects to this group, 3D groups to help you easily create cool 3D videos.

Take a picture

Nowadays, more and more people are usinggame camera (GoPro) to capture all special moments. With “Take Photo”, you can easily watch your videos Make your favorite moments with a few clicks.

Playback speed

Do you want to speed up or slow down your video? Easy with YouTube Movie Maker. You can now directly adjust the speed of video and audio playback. It’s also easy to add a fast camera or slow motion effect to your videos.

Record / record voice

Want to share sounds, music, storytelling, speeches, etc.? Easy now. Use YouTube Movie Maker to capture / record audio from your computer’s audio device or audio input, make videos and share them easily on YouTube, and tell everyone what you want to say.

Video recording / recording

Do you want to make an interesting and direct presentation to share your beauty, mood or point of view spontaneously? Easy now. Use YouTube Film Maker to record / take videos from your computer’s camera or take cards, make videos, and share them easily on YouTube to make more people remember you.

Record / record video on the screen

Want to share games, tutorials, product presentations, etc.? Easy now. Use YouTube Filmmaker to record videos on your computer screen and share them on YouTube to help viewers follow you. High efficiency and lossless quality.

Decorate / enhance your video

Video color, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, etc. Easy to arrange. Now it’s easy to enhance and decorate your photos and videos.

Resize video

Use circles, stars, heart shapes, etc. To change the size of the video clip. Easy now. You can even create special static or dynamic shapes.

Powerful video editor

A powerful integrated video and audio editor helps you easily edit any video and audio format, then cut, cut, divide, combine, shuffle, rotate, rotate, cut, cut, cut, maintain, maintain aspect ratio, fill in blur , zoom in / zoom out, mute, volume control, volume reduction / reduction, video color change, etc.

Assistant filmmaker

New to video editing and filmmaking? Don’t worry – follow the wizard step by step to make your first video, and that’s easy.

4K Ultra HD video

4K Ultra HD videos are easily created and uploaded to YouTube. This will allow your viewers to enjoy the highest quality videos on YouTube.

60 frames per second of professional quality

Professional-quality 60fps videos are easily created and uploaded to YouTube. It also supports all other YouTube video frame rates, including 24 frames per second, 25 frames per second, 30 frames per second, 48 frames per second, 50 frames per second, and more.

Create and upload YouTube videos with 96 kHz audio

Create and upload YouTube videos with high definition audio easily 96 kHz. This allows visitors to enjoy high-quality sound on YouTube.

Create and upload YouTube videos in batches

You can create and upload YouTube videos in batches, just save the project as a template, and you can always launch every new video with the same object / element as maintained or the program automatically adjusts the duration, location, and effects of each object / element, etc.

Timeline mode

This allows you to setyour videos and photos with a timeline, and it’s easy to add gestures, transitions, special effects, text, words, titles, captions, background music etc. at the right time.

Drag and drop – easy to use

Simply drag and drop to make / edit YouTube movies, drag to arrange and edit movies for beginners, but easy to use.

YouTube default profile

Videos uploaded from YouTube may look bad or confusing, because they are difficult to retrieve. But now you can easily create the best YouTube videos with a predetermined YouTube Movie Maker profile, and even support YouTube videos in 4K / 2K / HD format.

Upload directly to YouTube

Uploading many videos to YouTube seems easy, but with long expectations, formatting errors, size limitations, sizes, etc., it can usually be very frustrating. However, uploading lots of videos on YouTube Movie Maker is much easier and faster.

Promote your YouTube videos

Do you already have a YouTube channel with lots of videos uploaded but little or no views, no subscribers and no likes? Now you can use YouTube Filmmakers to promote your videos, and you have a greater chance of getting more views on YouTube.

High compatibility

Most film production software only supports a number of special video / audio formats; therefore, it is difficult for video creators to convert them to different formats. YouTube Movie Maker does this because it supports all popular video and audio formats.

High performance

YouTube Movie Maker all-in-one helps you design, create, create, edit, capture, upload, publish, manage and promote YouTube videos in a very efficient, fast and easy way in the shortest time you want: with effort and cost minimal.

Pretty x64 Youtube Filmmaker

Beautiful x64 machine, works well with 64Bit Win7 / Win8 / Win10 and so on. Supports multi-core processors and available hardware acceleration (17x faster), making programs faster, stronger and more stable

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