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Enter Bengali text and this Avro keyboard is a free open source keyboard program created by OmicronLab. This application helps to increase productivity by allowing you to write Bengali for anything through Roman translation. This is Unicode’s first and only compatible ANSI PC-compatible keyboard interface, released on March 26, 2003, which is held as Bangladesh Independence Day. The software offers all popular ways to import Bangla from Bangladesh and India into one interface, making it easy to adapt to all types of users. It acts as a special language keyboard and as an artistic review.

Bengali written Bengali, also known as Bangla, is the official and most spoken language of Bangladesh. Bengali or text writing system is a form of written text, so it cannot be found in most computer systems without any basis. With Avro keyboard you can input different types of text to incorporate Bengali or Bangla text into anything. You can create phonetic text which when you enter the Bangla sounds mentioned and the program will convert it to the correct translation. You can touch it by using the five keyboard layout: Probhat, Munir Optima, OmicronLabs, Avro Easy, Bornona lightweight and National or Catalog level from the PC Board of PCs that support the program. You can also try to insert a mouse that uses a special screen keyboard. Auro keyboard is fully compatible with Unicode, and also supports ANSI fonts, so you can enter Bengali in programs such as Photoshop and (function {(‘page-desktop-desktop’);}); And Keyboard BoardA software not only provides Avro keyboard services, but its voice input from English to Bangla also includes a dictionary that supports 150,000 Bangla words and has an automatic editing software that you can edit. There is also a float preview window so you can see the text changed in real time. In addition, the app features an Avro Pad backup. The application also has two flexible modes of interface. You can use it as a desktop top panel or as an icon in the taskbar. The entire program is also highly customizable, and you can easily change the keyboard by clicking a particular button. There is a way to automatically monitor the keyboard, so you don’t always have to switch between apps on the keyboard. In addition, you get the default Avro Keyboard browser setting, so you don’t have to constantly check the launch of the app at BestAll, this is a good reason why the Election Commission in Bangladesh and even the Bengali Wikipedia site use the an Avro keyboard every time. a powerful and fun software that gives you various features to incorporate complex writing languages ​​into any other program. Good compatibility with other numbers is also a good point for bonuses. If you need help like this with Bengali, this service application is highly recommended.

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