Orient AC Error Codes

AC BrandsOrient
Error CodeDisplay
E1Room temperature sensor fault
E2Outdoor coil temperature sensor fault
E3Indoor coil temperature sensor fault
E4indoor outdoor communication fault
E5sliding door fault
E6display panel and the main control board communication failures
E8Display panel and main control board communication failures.
E9Humidity Sensor Failure
EAIndoor fan zero crossing detection fault
EbIndoor EPROM Fault
F0 Outdoor DC Fan motor fault
F1 IPM modular fault
F2PFC modular fault
F3 Compressor operation fault
F4Exhaust Temperature sensor fault
F5Compressor top cover protection
F6Outdoor ambient temp sensor fault
F7Over/under voltage protection
F8Outdoor modular communication fault
F9Outdoor EPROM Fault
FASuction temperature sensor fault
FbIndoor dc motor fault (Floor Standing)
FCFour-way valve switching fault
FdOutdoor fan zero crossing detection fault
P2High Voltage protection
P3Lack of Fluid protection
P4Outdoor coil prevent overload protection
P5Exhaust protection
P6Protection from high temperature
P7Anti-freezing protection
P8Outdoor over-current protection
P9Display panel and the main control board communication failures
L0Module under voltage fault
L1Phase current over current protection
L2The Compressor out of step fault
L3The Compressor Jacks of failure
L4Driver module IPM of failure
L5FPC Module IPM of failure
L6PFC Over current
L7Current Detecting AD Abnormal protection
L8Malfunction of over current inverter compressor
L9IPM Temperature sensor failure

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