Kenwood AC Error Codes

AC BrandsKenwood
# of Short Flash of Running LightDisplayIndoor Unit Error CodeState of Timer Light
1 TimeE0Indoor unit EEPROM errorOFF
2 TimesE1Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unitsOFF
4 TimesE3Indoor fan speed errorOFF
5 TimesE4Indoor Return air temperature sensor errorOFF
6 TimesE5Indoor coil temperature sensor errorOFF
7 TimesECLow refrigerantOFF
8 TimesEEHigh water level alarmOFF
1 TimeF0Outdoor current overload sensedLIT
2 TimesF1Outdoor ambient temperature sensor errorLIT
3 TimesF2Outdoor coil temperature sensor errorLIT
4 TimesF3Compressor Discharge Temperature sensor errorLIT
5 TimesF4Outdoor unit EEPROM errorLIT
6 TimesF5Outdoor unit fans eed errorLIT
7 TimesF6Indoor coil outlet temperature sensor errorLIT
1 TimeP0Inverter module IPM errorFLASH
2 TimesP1High or Low voltage protectionFLASH
4 TimesP3Outdoor unit low temperature lockoutFLASH
5 TimesP4Compressor drive errorFLASH
7 TimesP6High Pressure/Low Pressure Switch OpenFLASH
8 TimesP7Outdoor IGBT temperature sensor errorFLASH

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