Rittal Air Conditioner Error Codes

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System messages are shown on the display screen of the Comfort controller via the displays A1 to A20 and E0.

Rittal Air Conditioner Error Codes
Rittal Air Conditioner Error Codes
Error CodeSystem messagePossible cause
A1Enclosure door openDoor open or door limit switch incorrectly positioned
A2Internal temperature of enclosure too highCooling capacity inadequate/unit undersized.
Error as a consequence of messages A03 to
A3Filter monitoringFilter mat soiled
A4Ambient temperature too high/too lowAmbient temperature outside of admissible
operating range (+10°C to +60°C)
A5Icing hazardOperational display in case of icing hazard.
A6PSAH pressure-operated switchAmbient temperature too high
A7Evaporator coilLack of coolant; sensor in front of or behind condenser defective.
A8Condensate warningCondensate discharge kinked or blocked
A9Condenser fan blocked or defectiveBlocked or defective
A10Evaporator fan blocked or defectiveBlocked or defective
A11CompressorCompressor overloaded
A12CondenserOpen or short-circuit
A13Ambient temperature sensorOpen or short-circuit
A14Icing temperature sensorOpen or short-circuit
A15Condensate warning temperature sensorOpen or short-circuit
A16Internal temperature sensorOpen or short-circuit
A17Phase monitoringFor three-phase devices only:
Incorrect rotary field/phase absent
A18EPROMNew board obstructed
A19LAN/Master-SlaveMaster and slave not connected
A19LAN/Master-SlaveError display not shown
A20Voltage drop
E0Display messageConnection problem between the display and the controller board
OLOverloadAmbient parameters or heat loss outside of the applicable limits
LHLow heatMinimal heat loss inside the enclosure
rStResetManual device reset required,
Outdoor coil freezing
E13Freeze-prevention operation activated

Rittal AC Fault Indication and Fault Analysis:

Rittal Air Conditioner Device Description
Rittal Air Conditioner Device Description

Fault: 1

Cause: Cooling output too low (lack of coolant) Consequential fault or faults 2-7. Remedy: Check cooling output Carry out cooling service.

Fault: 2 Cause: Compressor overloaded (internal winding protection). Remedy: Unit will switch on automatically.

Fault: 3 Cause: Operational indication if risk of icing up exists. Remedy: Raise the setpoint value of the internal temperature of enclosure.

Fault: 4 Cause: Ambient temperature too high. Remedy: Unit’s specified range of application exceeded

Fault: 5 Cause: Blocked or defective. Remedy: Replace.

Fault: 6 Cause: Blocked or defective. Remedy: Replace.

Fault: 7

Cause: Filter mat contaminated. Remedy: Clean or replace.

Fault: 8 Cause: Cable break or short-circuit. Remedy: Replace.

Fault: 9 Cause: Incorrect field of rotation. Remedy: Reverse two phases.


Rittal AC Control Using the Comfort Controller
Rittal AC Control Using the Comfort Controller

Trouble: The unit does not switch on.

Possible Cause: No power supply.

Correction: Check the mains connection and the pre-fuse.

Trouble: The unit does not cool/heat adequately.

Possible Cause:

  1. The air circulation inside the enclosure is impaired.
  2. Ambient temperature too high/low.
  3. Filter equipment contaminated.
  4. Internal fan defective.
  5. External fan defective.
  6. The heat produced in the enclosure exceeds the cooling capacity of the Peltier climate control unit.


  1. Check the air circulation inside the enclosure. Check, in particular, those components equipped with a fan. Check the free spaces above and below the main heat dissipation sources.
  2. Reduce the ambient temperature. Protect the unit from radiation heat caused by direct sunshine and hot surfaces.
  3. Check the filter and, if necessary, clean or replace.
  4. Replace unit.
  5. Replace unit.
  6. Reduce the heat loss.

Trouble: Condensation.

Possible Cause:

  1. Enclosure leakages.
  2. Internal temperature of enclosure set too low.


  1. Check the enclosure for leaks (IP 54). Check, in particular, the cable entry points for leaks.
  2. Check the set enclosure internal temperature (factory setting: +35°C).

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