Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC Error Codes

AC BrandsMitsubishi Heavy
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Error Codes
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Error Codes
  1. Split Systems
  2. VRF Inverter Multi-System

1.Split Systems

Whether a failure exists or not on the indoor unit and outdoor unit can be know by the contents of remote controller eroor code, indoor/outdoor unit green LED (power pilot lamp and microcomputer normality pilot lamp) or red LED (check pilot lamp).

a.Check Indicator Table;

Indoor Unit Side

Error CodeCause
E1When multiple remote controllers are used for control, the power supply to some indoor units is OFF.
Indoor unit PCB fault
The remote controller wire Y is open. The remote controller wires X and Y are reversely connected. Noise is penetrating the remote control lines. The remote controller or indoor control PCB is faulty.
E5Indoor / outdoor transmission error.
Outdoor unit control PCB is faulty when the power is turned on, or the inverter parts are faulty.
Outdoor unit microcomputer failure.
E6Indoor unit heat exchanger thermistor failure
E7Indoor unit return air thermistor failure
E8Heating overload (indoor heat exchanger temperature is abnormally high) and indoor heat exchanger thermistor is faulty.
E9The float SW operates (with FS only). Drain up kit wiring fault.
E10When multi-unit control by remote controller is performed, the number of units is over (more than 17 units). Two remote controller are provided for one controller is performed.
E16Fan motor is faulty (FDTA 501, 601 type, FDKN type)
E28Remote controller thermistor failure
F4Fan motor fault
P2Transducer module protection
P3Over current
P4Discharge temperature of compressor overheat, ambient temperature overheat
P7DC voltage of outdoor unit abnormal
P8Leakage or reverse valve fault
F6Outdoor sensor fault
FCCompressor drive fault
A20Voltage drop
E0Display message
LHLow heat
Outdoor coil freezing
E13Freeze-prevention operation activated

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