Friedrich AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

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1.Friedrich Portable Error Codes:

Friedrich Portable AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting
Error CodeProblem
EAIf the display reads "EA" , the room temperature sensor has failed. Contact your Authorized Frigidaire Service Center.
ESIf the display reads "ES" , the evaporator temperature sensor has failed. Contact your Authorized Frigidaire Service Center.
E4If the display reads "E4" , the display panel communication has failed. Contact your Authorized Frigidaire Service Center
P1If the display reads "P1" , bottom tray is full. Carefully move the unit to a drain location, remove the bottom drain plug and let the water drain away. Restart the machine until the "P1" symbol disappears. If error repeats, call for service.
Air conditioner will not operate.Wall plug disconnected. Push plug firmly into wall outlet.
Plug Current Device Tripped. Press the RESET button.
House fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped. Replace fuse with time delay type or reset circuit breaker.
Control is OFF. Turn Control ON and set to desired setting.
Air from unit does not feel cold enough.Room temperature below 60°F (16°C). Cooling may not occur until room temperature rises above
60°F (16°C).
Temperature sensing element touching cold coil, located behind air filter. Straighten away from coil.
Reset to a lower temperature.
Compressor shut-off by changing modes. Wait approximately 3 minutes and listen for compressor to
restart when set in the COOL mode.
Noise when unit is cooling.Air movement sound. This is normal. If too loud, set to lower FAN setting.
Window vibration - poor installation. Refer to installation instructions or check with installer.
Water dripping INSIDE whenImproper installation. Tilt air conditioner slightly to the outside to allow water drainage. Refer to
unit is cooling.installation instructions or check with installer.
Water dripping OUTSIDE whenUnit removing large quantity of moisture from humid room. This is normal during excessively humid days.
unit is cooling.
Remote Sensing DeactivatingRemote control not located within range. Place remote control within 20 feet & 120° radius of the
Prematurelyfront of the unit.
Room too cold.Set temperature too low. lncrease set temperature.

Friedrich Portable AC Troubleshooting

Problem: The airconditioner doesn’t work

Possible Cause:

  1. There is a power failure
  2. The plug is not connected
  3. The timer is unable to work
  4. The main switch has not been pressed


  1. Wait for the power return
  2. Connect the plug
  3. Provide repairment
  4. Press the main switch

Problem: The airconditioner works for short period only

Possible Cause:

  1. The set temperature is too close to the room’s temperature
  2. There is something blocking the suction vent on the back of condenser
  3. The fan on the condenser is blocked


  1. Decrease the setting temperature
  2. Remove any obstacles
  3. Provide repairment
Friedrich Portable AC Remote Control

Problem: The airconditioner switches are off constantly

Possible Cause: Malfunction

Remedies: Turn off the appliance remove the plug and contact the service center

Problem: The airconditioner works but it does not cool the room

Possible Cause:

  1. There is a window opened
  2. There is a source of heat operating in the room (burner, lamp, etc.), orthe room is crowded
  3. The air filter is clogged
  4. The capacity of the air conditioner is not suitable for the conditions or size ofthe room
  5. The evaporator is frozen


  1. Close the window
  2. Remove/switch off the source of heat
  3. Decrease the set temperature
  4. Clean the filter
  5. Clean the airfilter
  6. Change the purifier filter, if necessary
  7. Do not make the appliance operating at too low temperature(below22°C)

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