York Air Conditioner Error Codes

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When any of the following error indicators appear on the LED display, turn off your air conditioner and call a professional maintenance technician or service center.

Error CodesTrouble
E0Indoor EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) error
E1Indoor and outdoor unit communication malfunction
E3Indoor fan speed malfunction
E4Indoor room temperature sensor error
E5Evaporator coil temperature sensor error
ECRefrigerant leak detection system malfunction
EEWater level alarm malfunction
E8Dual indoor unit (twin model only) communication malfunction
E9Other twin model malfunction
F0Overload protection
F1Outdoor temperature sensor error
F2Outdoor condenser pipe sensor error
F3Discharge air temperature sensor error
F4Outdoor EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) error
F5Outdoor fan speed (DC fan motor only) malfunction
F6T2b sensor error
F7Auto-lifting panel communication error
F8Auto-lifting panel malfunction
F9Auto-lifting panel is open

York Central Controller Fault Codes:

York Central Controller Fault Codes

H3: Outdoor adding malfunction (valid for host unit)

H2: Outdoor decreasing malfunction (valid for host unit)

H1: Net communication malfunction

EF: Other malfunction

E4-T4: Temp. Sensor malfunction

E3-T3: Temp. Sensor malfunction

E2: Sensor malfunction

E1-E0: Communication malfunction Phase sequence or lack of phase

PF: Other Protection

PE: Oil Balance

PD: Oil Return

PA: Defrost Protection

P8: Compressor Current 3rd Protection

P7: Compressor Current 2nd Protection

P5: Condenser High Temp. Protection

P4: Discharge Pipe Temp. Protection

P3: Compressor Current 1st Protection

P2: Discharge Low- pressure Protection

P1-P0: Discharge High- pressure Protection Compressor High Temp. Protection

York Air Conditioner Remote Control
York Air Conditioner Remote Control

Malfunction Code of Outdoor unit:

E1: Phase sequence error

E2: Communication malfunction between indoor/outdoor units

E3: T3 temperature sensor malfunction

E4: T4 temperature sensor malfunction

E5: T5 temperature sensor malfunction

E6: Water-level alarm malfunction

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