McQuay Air Conditioner Error Codes

AC BrandsMcQuay
Error CodesTrouble
E1Compressor 2 low pressure faulty
E2Compressor 2 high pressure faulty
E3Compressor 2 overload
E4Indoor coil 2 temperature sensor fault
E5System 2 leaving water temperature 2 faulty
F2Indoor coil 1 temperature sensor fault
F4Return air temperature sensor fault
F6Communication faulty
F9Compressor 1 refrigerant leak
FECompressor 2 refrigerant leak
H1Compressor 1 high pressure faulty
H4Compressor 1 low pressure faulty
L1Temperature of water entering too high or low
L3Water flow switch faulty
L4System 1 leaving water temperature 1 faulty

Wall Mounted K-Series Inverter-Y model

McQuay AC Error Code Diagnosis
McQuay AC Error Code Diagnosis

00: Normal

UA: Indoor-outdoor Unit Combination Fault

UO: Refrigerant Shortage

U2: Drop Voltage Or Main Circuit Overvoltage

U4: Failure Of Transmission (Between Indoor Unit And Outdoor Unit)

A1: Indoor Pcb Defectiveness

A5: High Pressure Control Or Freeze-up Protector

A6: Fan Motor Fault

C4: Faulty Heat Exchanger Temperature Sensor

C9: Faulty Suction Air Temperature Sensor

EA: Cooling-heating Switching Error

E1: Circuit Board Fault

E5: Ol Started

E6: Faulty Compressor Start Up

E7: Dc Fan Motor Fault

E8: Overcurrent Input

F3: High Temperature Discharge Ppe Control

F6: High Pressrue Control (In Cooling)

H0: Sensor Fault

H6: Operation Fault Due To Faulty Position Detection Sensor

H8: Dc Current Sensor Fault

H9: Faulty Suction Air Temperature Sensor

J3: Faulty Discharge Pipe Temperature Sensor

J6: Faulty Heat Exchanger Temperature Sensor

L3: Electrical Parts Heat Fault

L4: High Temperature At Inverter Circuit Heatsink

L5: Output Overcurrent

P4: Faulty Inverter Circuit Heatsink Temperature Sensor

Error Diagnosis by Wired Controller (MC301):

McQuay Air Conditioner Remote Control Error Codes
McQuay Air Conditioner Remote Control Error Codes

E0: System malfunction

E1: Sensor Broken (TH1 discharge Temp.)

E2: Sensor Broken (TH2 inlet coil 1#)

E3: Sensor Broken (TH3 mid coil 1#)

E4: Sensor Broken (TH4 inlet coil 2#)

E5: Sensor Broken (TH5 mid coil 2#)

E6: Sensor Broken (TH6 inlet coil 3#)

E7: Sensor Broken (TH7 mid coil 3#)

E8: Sensor Broken (TH8 ambient temp)

E9: Sensor Broken (TH9 outlet coil)

EA: Sensor Broken (TH10 subcool outlet)

EB: Sensor Broken (TH11 subcool suction)

EC: Sensor Broken (TH12 suction)

EF: Emergency Run

F0: Outdoor Storage Malfunction

F1: Sensor Broken (indoor inlet coil)

F2: Sensor Broken (indoor mid coil)

F3: Sensor Broken (indoor outlet coil)

F4: Sensor Broken (indoor return air)

F5: Sensor Broken (indoor supply air)

F6: Indoor and controller communication malfunction

F7: Ambient temp exceed the limit

F8: 4WV malfunction

F9: Refrigerant leakage

FA: Controller storage malfunction

FB: Water Pump (indoor water pump)

FC: Indoor and outdoor communication malfunction

FE: Outdoor master and slave communication malfunction

H0: Digital comp overload

H1: Fixed Comp1 overload

H2: Fixed Comp2 overload

H3: Fixed Comp3 overload

H4: High pressure too high

H5: Sensor broken, high pressure

H6: Discharge temp too high

L0: Super heat too low

L1: Low pressure too low

L2: Sensor broken, low pressure

10: System malfunction

11: Sensor broken (slave TH1 discharge temp)

12: Sensor broken (slave TH2 inlet coil 1#)

13: Sensor Broken (slave TH3 mid coil 1#)

14: Sensor broken (slave TH4 inlet coil 2#)

15: Sensor broken (slave TH5 mid coil 2#)

16: Sensor broken (slave TH6 inlet coil 3#)

17: Sensor broken (slave TH7 mid coil 3#)

18: Sensor broken (slave TH8 ambient temp)

19: Sensor broken (slave TH9 outlet coil)

1A: Sensor broken (slave TH10 subcool outlet)

1B: Sensor broken (slave TH11 subcool suction)

1C: Sensor Broken (slave TH12 suction)

1F: Emergency run (slave)

20: Outdoor storage (slave)

27: Ambient temp exceed the limit (slave)

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