Insignia Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes

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When any of the following error indicators appear on the LED display, turn off your air conditioner and call a professional maintenance technician or service center.

Error CodesTrouble
FLThe water collection tank is full and must be drained. Drain the tank and reset your settings.
E1Coil temperature sensor error
E2Indoor temperature sensor error
E3Anti-freezing protection. The air conditioner coil temperature is too low and the unit has turned off automatically. The unit resets itself when the temperature reaches 46.4°F (8°C).


Problem: Air conditioner does not start

Possible cause:

  1. The air conditioner is unplugged.
  2. The fuse on the circuit is blown or the circuit breaker is tripped.
  3. Power failure.
  4. The current interrupter device in the power cord has tripped.
  5. FL appears on the display.
  6. Room temperature is less than the set temperature.

Possible solution:

  1. Make sure that the air conditioner is plugged in and that the plug is pushed completely into the outlet.
  2. Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
  3. If a power failure occurs, the air conditioner turns off. When the power is restored, wait three minutes to  restart the air conditioner to prevent tripping the compressor overload.
  4. Press the RESET button located on the power cord plug. If the RESET button will not stay engaged, discontinue use of the air conditioner and contact a qualified service technician.
  5. The water collection tank is full and must be drained. Drain the tank and reset your settings.
  6. This is normal. The air conditioner automatically shuts off when the room temperature equals, or is less than, the set temperature. Adjust the temperature setting, if needed.

Problem: The air conditioner does not cool

Possible cause:

  1. Airflow is restricted.
  2. The temperature control may not be set correctly
  3. The air filter is dirty.
  4. There is a heat source or too many people in the room.
  5. The room may have been hot.
  6. The exhaust hose is not connected or is blocked.

Possible solution:

  1. Make sure that there are no curtains, blinds, or furniture blocking the front of the air conditioner.
  2. In COOL mode, decrease the temperature setting by pressing the ∇ button on the panel or the remote control.
  3. Clean the filter at lease every two weeks.
  4. Move any heat sources from the room.
  5. You need to allow time for the room to cool down after you first turn on the air conditioner.
  6. Connect the exhaust hose and make sure that it is not obstructed and is functioning properly.

Problem: The air conditioner is freezing up

Possible cause: The cooling coils are iced over.

Possible solution: Ice may block the air flow and obstruct the air conditioner from properly cooling the room. Set the mode control to High Fan or High Cool.

Problem: The air conditioner runs too often or too long

Possible cause:

  1. The area to be cooled is too large for the air conditioner.
  2. Doors or windows are open.

Possible solution:

  1. Consult your Insignia technician for the air conditioner capacity required to cool the desired area.
  2. Make sure that doors and windows are closed.

Problem: The venting hose is hot

Possible cause: When the air conditioner runs continuously for a long time, the hose becomes hot.

Possible solution: This is normal.

Problem: The air conditioner is too loud

Possible cause:

  1. The unit may seem rather loud for the first two or three minutes of operation.
  2. A soft, swishing noise can be heard immediately after turning the unit on or off, and during operation.

Possible solution:

  1. This is the sound of the compressor starting up and is normal.
  2. This is the sound of the liquid refrigerant flowing in the unit and is normal.

Problem: The air conditioner makes an odd noise

Possible cause: An audible gurgling noise may be heard when the unit is operated on a gently sloping floor.

Possible solution: Place the unit on a level floor.

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