Hyundai Air Conditioner Error Codes

AC BrandsHyundai

Protection and Failure Display

  • When protection display is available, controller will show error code, digital LED shows error code and setting temperature by turns.
  • If there is more than one failure, it will show at first that in front of the error list.
  • Protection display function can be selected in hardware, and the default don’t display;
  • To insure of in and out communist is credibility, the failures relate to outdoor unit will remain failure state for 2 minutes max after recovered.
  • In all failures, only sensor failures don’t have to repower to cancel.
Error CodesFailure Type
E0In and out communication failure
ECOutdoor communication failure
E1Outdoor sensor
E2Indoor coil temperature sensor
E3Outdoor coil temperature sensor
E4System abnormity
E5Type mismatch
E6Indoor fan motor
E7Outdoor temperature sensor
E8Discharge temperature sensor
E9Invert module abnormity
EFOutdoor fan motor (DC)
EACurrent sensor
EEEEPROM failure
EPTop of compressor temperature switch
EUVoltage sensor
P1higher or lower voltage
P2Over current
P4Discharge temperature
P5Over cooling in cooling mode

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