Electrolux Kelvinator AC Error Codes

AC BrandsElectrolux
Error CodesProblem
EELoading EEPROM Malfunction
E2Anti-Freeze Protection
E3Refrigeration System Blocked/Gas Leak
E4Compressor High Temp Protection
E5AC-Over Current Protection
E6Communications Fault
E8Anti-High Temperature Protection
F1Sensor, Room Temperature (Indoor)
F2Sensor, Tube Temperature (Indoor)
F3Sensor, Ambient (Outdoor)
F4Sensor, Coil (Outdoor)
F5Sensor, Compressor Discharge (Outdoor)
F6Anti-High Temperature Protection
FHAnti-Freeze Limit, Frequency Drop
H1Defrosting. It is normal. The unit is in defrosting mode and heating will recommence soon.
H3Compressor Overload Protection
H5IPM Protection
H6Fan Stall, Indoor Unit
HCPFC Protection

Outdoor Error CodeMalfunction Code Table of Outdoor Unit

E2: Freeze Protection

H5: IPM protection

E5: Overcurrent protection

EE: EEPROM reading and writing malfunction

PL: Low voltage protection

PH: High voltage protection

HC: PFC overcurrent protection

LP: Mismatching of models of indoor and outdoor units

F3: Malfunction of outdoor ambient temperature sensor

F4: Malfunction of outdoor pipe temperature sensor

F5: Malfunction of outdoor discharge temperature sensor

E6: Communication malfunction

E3: Low pressure protection(refrigerant leak)

U7: Abnormality of 4-way valve

E8: Over-load protection

E4: Discharge temperature protection

H3: Overload protection

L9: Over power protection

Electrolux AC Remote Control


The air conditioner is not user serviceable. Incorrect repair may cause electric shock or fire, so please contact an authorised service center for professional repair. The following checks prior to contact may save you time and money.

Problem: The unit does not operate

Cause: The unit does not work properly when you switch on again and again .This is to protect the unit. You should wait about 3 minutes.

Problem: Bad Smell Emitted.


  1. Some odours may be emitted from the indoor unit. This is the result of room smells (such as furniture,tobacco,etc.) which have been taken into the air conditioner.
  2. Consult authorised service centre for cleaning if the odours persist.

Problem: “Water flowing” noise

Cause: The swishing noise like water flowing is the refrigerant flowing inside the unit.

Problem: Mist is emitted in COOL mode

Cause: During cooling operation, a thin mist may be seen emitted from the indoor unit due to high room temperature and humidity. After a period of time, the mist will disappear as the decrease of room temperature and humidity decreases.

Problem: Cracking noise

Cause: This is the sound of friction caused by expansion and/or contraction of panel or other parts due to the change of temperature.

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