Comfortaire AC Error Codes

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Some issues can be resolved without any maintenance to the unit, check the chart below to see if there is a suggested solution to the problem before calling for service. But here we give you all Error Codes of Comfortaire Ac.

Error CodesMeaning
E1High Pressure Protection
E2Shutdown for Whole Unit AntiFreeze Protection
E3Low Pressure Protection
E4High Discharge Temp Protection
E6Communication Error
E9Indoor Unit Water Full Error
FoRefrigerant Recovery Mode
F3Outdoor Ambient Temp Sensor Error
F4Outdoor Mid-Coil Temp Sensor Error
F5Outdoor Discharge Air Temp Sensor Error
F7Oil Return for Cooling
H1Forced Defrosting
H2Oil Return for Heating or Defrosting
H3Compressor Overheat Protection
H5IPM Protection
H7Motor Desynchronizing
HcPFC Error
LcStartup Failure
LADC Fan motor Error
LdPhase Loss
LECompressor Stalling
P0IPM Reset
P5Compressor Current Protection
P6Communication Error between Inverter Drive and the Main Controller
P7Radiator Temp Sensor Error
P8Radiator Overheat Protection
P9AC Contactor Protection
PcCurrent Sensor Error
PdSensor Connection Protection
PH Over Voltage Protection
PLLow Voltage Protection
PETemp Drift Protection
PFDrive Board Ambient Temp Sensor Error
PAAC Current Protection
PUCharging Circuit Error
PPAC Input Voltage Anomaly

Problem: The unit will not operate at all.


  1. Blown Fuse or tripped circuit breaker
  2. Power Failure
  3. Remote Control batteries are low
  4. Check the remote maybe signal is not being send.


  1. Check the fuse or circuit breaker. Replace the blown fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
  2. Restart the unit when your power restored. If you experience brown out conditions, contact an electrician or your local utility.
  3. Replace the batteries. Be sure not to mix old and new batteries, as well as different brands/types
  4. Be sure that you are not using the remote control too far away from the indoor unit’s control panel.

Problem: The unit runs and then stops immediately

Cause: Check air inlets and/or outlets maybe blocked.

Solution: Remove any obstacles from the air inlets/outlets/Clean the air filter, louvers, and inlet grille.

Problem: Abnormal heating or cooling

Comfortaire Ac Error Codes And Troubleshooting Method


  1. First of all check your air inlets and outlets
  2. When this happens maybe temperature not set properly
  3. Check the fan speed
  4. Improper louver adjustment
  5. Be sure that there are no other sources of heat/steam in the area being cooled
  6. Conditioned air might be escaping


  1. Remove any obstacles from the air inlets/outlets-Clean the air filter, louvers, and inlet grille.
  2. Ensure that the proper mode and temperature is set on the unit. Try to adjust the set point temperature on the thermostat to a better operating temperature
  3. Adjust the fan speed to see if that improves the conditions.
  4. Try to adjust the louver position to ensure it is open enough.
  5. Remove or turn off other appliances producing heat or steam.
  6. Ensure that any doors or windows in the area being heated/cooled are closed

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