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Carrier Cassette Ac Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Once a failure occurs with the indoor unit in operation, the green unit LED flashes at intervals of 0.5 seconds. The fault code is deduced from the number of times the green LED flashes, blocking unit operation. Between one flash cycle and the next one, a pause of 5 seconds elapses.

Error CodesDescription
3Room air sensor fault
2Condensate discharge pump
4Indoor unit coil sensor fault
6Filter dirty
7Outdoor unit failure
10EEPROM corrupt
11Card serial number damaged
12Address / zone incomplete
13Gas flow distributor corrupt
14Outdoor air thermistor

Air conditioner will not start:

  • Check The Main Switch Is Off. Turn On The Main Switch.
  • The fuses In the main switch are Spark; replace the fuses. ( this Work Is A Trained Technician).
  • Wait for 3 minutes: protection against frequent compressor cycling is ON.
  • The selected temperature is higher than the room temperature (or lower in the heating mode).

The unit emits unpleasant smells:

Unpleasant smells can accumulate on the air filters and then be dispersed into the room during when air conditioner is in operation mode. Switch the unit OFF and contact an authorized service center to have the filters cleaned. Restart unit in the ventilation (fan only) mode and open windows to change room air.

The unit makes strange noises:

Occasionally the unit makes strange noises at start-up, during operation or when it has stopped. These are generally due to the effect of temperature changes on the plastic parts.

Air conditioner is not supplying enough cooling (or heating):

  • Air cannot circulate freely.
  • A dirty filter reduces air quantity circulating.
  • Clean The Filters Of Indoor Unit Is Must.
  • Doors and/or windows are open.
  • Set The Fan Speed On Low Mode.
  • Airflow direction is not correct for optimum ventilation.
  • The selected temperature is not correct.

P (Green LED) indicator is flashing:

System malfunction. Contact service organization after having ensured that:

  • There Is No Obstructed In Air Circulation.
  • Outdoor unit coil is not Faulty and causing low speed of air circulation.
  • Condensate drainage tube is not obstructed.

Q (Red LED) indicator is illuminated:

In the heating mode, the LED switches on to indicate an active defrost condition.

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