Actron AC Error Codes


Actron Ac Error Codes

Conditions: The system does not start.


  • Check that 5 minutes has passed from the time you turned the system on as there are in-built safety timers.
  • When This Occur Check thermostat settings are correct.
  • After This Happens Check thermostat set point is low enough for cooling or high enough for heating.
  • Check the Master Controller And set to the correct mode for COOL/AUTO/HEAT.

Conditions: Air does not flow.


  • Check if the unit is set in the correct mode COOL/AUTO/HEAT.
  • Check zone control in running mode.If using sensor ensure your zone is on at the master.
  • During defrost cycle of the outdoor unit in heating mode, the indoor fan will not operate.

Conditions: OFF is displayed on my zone control and I can not turn it on.


Master Controller is off. First turn on your air conditioner at the master control. You will now be able to turn on your zone control.

Setting Upper Limit

  1. Press the right hand side of the controllers ‘up’ arrow button once followed by the left hand side of the controllers ‘up’ arrow button once.
  2. You must press the two buttons in ‘Quick Succession’.
  3. The display will now show the “upper” limit for 3 seconds and this is indicated by “high” also being illuminated.
  4. Whilst the “upper” limit is displayed, use the set-temp arrow button to adjust the ‘upper’ limit up or down.
  5. After 5 seconds, the ‘upper’ limit will be automatically accepted.


  1. You cannot adjust the ‘upper’ limit below your current set-temp.
  2. You cannot adjust the ‘lower’ limit above your current set-temp.It is not recommended to adjust the ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ limits outside the defaults, before talking with your installer. Doing so may cause damage to your system and void warranty. Default ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ limits = upper (30°c) and Lower (16°c).

14. My unit continuously shuts down whilst in heating mode

At certain outdoor conditions (low temperature) there may be a build up frost on the outdoor heat exchanger. This gradual build up frost reduces the performance of the air conditioner. The microprocessor detects this frost build up and will automatically activate the defrost mode. This is a normal function of a reverse cycle air conditioning system, and can occur every 20 minutes. There is water running from my outdoor unit whilst in heating mode

When the unit is on the heating cycle, the outdoor coil will condensate, so water may be found underneath the outdoor unit after use. As the ambient temperature decreases, the unit will need to defrost more frequently, and cause more water to melt off the coil. This is normal operation and only happens during the winter months.

  1. single-digit number (eg 9)
  2. the heat and cool indicators flashing simultaneously
  3. both codes showing together

Take note of the fault code and contact your installer. This Actron Ac Error codes will indicate to the installer/repairer what the problem may be.

Error CodesProblem
E1Outdoor coil sensor open or closed circuit
E2Fault indoor coil out sensor
E3Fault room sensor
E4Fault indoor coil sensor
E5Communication error between outdoor and indoor
E6Fault Discharge temperature
E7Fault outdoor coil sensor
E8Fault outdoor discharge sensor
E9High or Low Pressure/Phase error

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