Electric AC Error Codes

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Electric AC Error Codes

Wall Mounted Inverter Multi Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump. Model: eiQ-9K9KC18KWMINV

Electric air conditioners have an advanced self-diagnosis system allowing them to display the service information.

Protection and Fault Codes for Indoor Unit Board;

Error CodeProblem
ASDrain Bucket Error: Drain bucket is removed or not positioned correctly. Make sure that the drain bucket is properly installed and the in right position.
ESDrain Bucket Full: Empty the drain bucket. Please make sure float moves freely and is not stuck.
P2Humidity Sensor Error: Unplug the unit and plug it back in.
ECHumidity Sensor has an open circuit or humidity is less than 30%
E3Humidity Sensor has short circuit or humidity is higher than 90%
EbTemperature is higher than 122°F or temperature sensor has a short circuit
30%RHTemperature is lower than 32°F or temperature sensor has an open circuit
90%RHTemperature Sensor Error: Unplug the unit and plug it back in.
LoUnit Malfunction: Please make sure whether the environment temperature is between 41°F (5°C), and 96°F (35°C).
HiUnit Malfunction: Unplug the unit and plug it back in.

Electric Ac Error Codes

Trouble: The unit does not work


  1. No power supply
  2. Water-full indicator illuminated
  3. Timer function is active
  4. Room temperature too low or too high


  1. Power-on and turn on the unit
  2. Drain the internal water tank
  3. Cancel Timer function
  4. Use only in ambient temperatures between 7-35℃

Trouble: The unit does not seem to perform


  1. In direct sunlight
  2. Windows or doors open. Large amount of people or a heat source in the room
  3. Filter is very dirty
  4. Air inlet or air outlet is blocked
  5. Room temperature is lower than setting temperature


  1. Draw the curtains, UV affects RC
  2. Close windows and turn on another air conditioner
  3. Clean or change the air filter
  4. Clear out debris
  5. Change the setting temperature

Trouble: The unit loud

Reason: The unit is not put on flat surface

Solution: Put the unit on flat and hard surface

Trouble: Compressor does not work

Reason: Overheating protection is active


  1. Check venting.
  2. Restart the unit after 5 minutes when compressor has cooled

Trouble: Remote control doesn’t work


  1. Operating distance is too far.
  2. Control panel has not received the signal from remote control.
  3. The batteries are flat


  1. Move remote control closer to the unit and make sure it aims at the air-outlet grille
  2. Replace the batteries


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